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Pūtea Wellness Wānanga

Te wā a Hine

Nau mai kī Pūtea Wellness, another piece of my mahi that I am passionate about.

This is an exciting time for Wāhine who identify as Māori, Pacifica and any other minority (aka. MPM) within Aotearoa.

We will continue
to forge pathways to build our confidence and joy to be managers of our wealth through Pūtea Wellness.


The time of nurturing vitality

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He mihi ki Andy Crown photography

​Wānanga aim

Pūtea wellness is for Wāhine MPM that are seeking a space to create, share and inspire each other as we continue to navigate our relationship to all things pūtea.

How we make it, how we grow it, how we pass it on.

Pūtea Wellness Wānanga
29th Nov - 1st Dec 2024 

For Wāhine MPM who are wanting to create a better plan with their pūtea

As a māmā, I have been on my own journey with our pūtea. I have felt very alone at times on how to handle and grow it.

My father was a book keeper for the railways in the 70's and 80's and its from him that I 'heard about' money management, but never really gained the skillsets to manage money. 

Fast forward through credit card debt, low income on artists wages, to becoming a mother after graduating from my Masters, I didn't have the confidence nor the know how on how pūtea worked. I just tried my best to be 'good with pūtea'. All along though I had struggled through because of two things...

- Not knowing the basics around pūtea

- Negative beliefs I had about myself and pūtea

In 2012, when our first tamāhine was born, I started a journey towards educating myself and along the way found my way to seeing myself as a learner who is developing her skillsets around pūtea, and more importantly, seeing myself as a positive force who can make or break the resource pool for my tamariki and husband.

It was a lonely journey though, and often I wanted to just be able to talk about pūtea at a level that wasn't just about budgeting, I wanted to kōrero with other likeminded wahine MPM about pūtea and what wellness looks like for them. 

So I am running this retreat as a coach, to hold space for such conversations and skillsets to grow. 

Flower in Sunlight

Wāhine empowerment + growth

"You as the best pūtea manager in your household"

Retreat vibes, pūtea skillsets shared

Rest, Reset. Make your plan come to life


Friday 29th 5pm - Sunday 1st 11am

- 2 nights Accomodation

- Nutritious meals and snacks

-Guided coaching on pūtea areas

- Workbook

- 2 x 1 hour post-wānanga online group coaching support

- Guided meditations (lie down, relax, soak in the rest time)

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 6.46.09 AM.png

We will be resting and learning at Takahi Orchard in Turanganui-a-Kiwa

Take time out to learn and grow


You will be in a space with 7 other wahine and learning the kaupapa below:

- Beliefs that limit us and building new uplifting ones

-How pūtea works including interest rates and how that affects everything from investing and borrowing

- Share ideas for growing our income

-First home buying journey

-Creating an individualised pūtea plan 


-How Tax works for small businesses

-Looking towards retirement

Budgeting and Saving will be covered lightly but really the above will teach you what your cash flow needs to do once you have your budgeting and saving practices in place.

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 6.46.46 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 6.45.54 AM.png

Grow Your Vision

With a vision, you can make a plan

Introductory offer

Twin Share

$ 550

Own room

$ 650

Payment plans available. Pay $50 for twin share per month after making a $100 deposit
Terms and Conditions apply

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