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Value your integrity, your way

I serve people that want to learn how to get from where they currently are, to where they want to be. 
Each person holds a beautifully unique blueprint.
As your coach, I will support you to understand and value your blueprint towards your path.

Intention will guide you
and light your path ...

Real transformation comes from a heart centered approach. The heart can guide us if we let it.
It can support us to feel freedom and to transform the old to the new. 
No matter what your background you will receive the best of my ability to serve your life and leadership development needs. 

Your heart will guide you
Let's listen deeper to it


Leadership Coaching

Want to show up better in your Leadership practice? 

Your leadership is expressed in every aspect of your lifes. It manifests differently when housed within an indigenous lens.

When we cultivate connection to our true nature, we are able to breathe life and inspired action to transform our settings.

Show up stronger in your leadership practice to serve the kaupapa or project you are apart of.

Life Coaching

I feel privileged to walk alongside you and your innate mana (integrity). When you gently & deliberately get conscious of what is unconscious in your functioning, you will find freshness in your life that brings forward what you want to feel.

Transformation towards what is 'new' and compassionately letting go of what is 'old' is what will occur when you receive life coaching with me.

Coaching Options

payment plans available


1 Hour Call

A space for you to think and feel through an area of focus.

A maintenance action for coaching clients post-series

to re-evaluate their heart centered goals.


3 Month Series

Transform and step into your heart centered goals.

This 12 week series allows you the space and time to reflect, integrate and action new responses that you develop our the time together


6 Month series

Want to work further and deepen your work on your functioning?

This timeframe enables your development to solidify even further

What is included

3 Month Series (All via Zoom every two weeks)

1 x 90 min Heart Centered Goal Setting session

5 x 60 min Coaching sessions: Here you will reflect on your discoveries and what you are testing, exploring action wise in order to bring your heart based goals to life.

You also have daily access to email support from me when times are challenging and also, to celebrate your wins! 

6 month series (All via Zoom every two weeks)

1 x 90 minute session as above and also 11 Coaching Sessions with all inclusions named above.


I look forward to meeting you and your uniqueness

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