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Leadership & Life Coaching

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You hold the inherent power to lead

I work with leaders that want to commit to what sits at the core of who they are using indigenous framing to turn that into a meaningful leadership practice. Finding  alignment with their truth and, for some, refinding the passion for their life and work that they once had.
I have grown through working in the last ten years across many sectors with artists, leaders, managers, coaches, parents and people who are keen to learn and lead.


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My Story

My background is in theatre making and storytelling.


I spent 5 years in training in the form and working in the industry as an actor and director.

My passion for stories comes from a place of knowing that stories are important markers of our experience in the world. They can help us orient to what matters and shape our actions now and going forward.


During my Masters in 2009 my inquiry was

'How does a Mātauranga Māori process become the process of what I create?'


This set me on a journey 

in a laboratory exploring the application of indigenous frameworks.

I have done this alongisde my husband and whanaunga, working with groups of people across many settings.


They are led through this approach to connect into themselves in order to serve their kaupapa, communities and organisations.

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Delivering Package
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Coaching Services

My 1:1 coaching offering sees people feeling, thinking and actioning from a place of alignment.


My group coaching and facilitation provides the same benefits but across a number of people.

Pricing for these offerrings can be talked through on a case by case basis. 

Get in touch for a kōrero and I can tailor a quote to your needs.

Leadership Coaching: Working in relation to your role at mahi or your overall leadership practice

Life Coaching: Working in relation to improving a couple of areas in your life.

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